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Stephen Riches

At 23 years of age I had a work accident while performing my duties as a greenkeeper. I was riding a motorcycle and ran into a rope strung between two trees. The rope caught my neck resulting in severe whiplash, severe ligament damage, friction burns and compression of C4, 5, & 6 of my cervical spine (ouch!).

I was patched up and sent home in a neck brace with a box of valium for company (which I quickly chose not to take/walking zombie). Shortly afterward I was retrenched and my partner of seven years left me, it was an eventful three weeks.

For the following 17 years I received weekly treatments from a range of natural therapists to manage and ease my ongoing neck and back pain. I frequently battled with depression, and eventually won.

“Experience is the greatest teacher”

Over time I learned about the metaphysics of the mind – body relationship. There was a lot of soul searching and spiritual growth. Looking back, all things happened in the perfect space and time. Faith was my key to endurance and healing.

At 39 years of age I enrolled and eventually completed a Bachelor of Science / Psychology Degree and began Counselling in 2005. During that period I met Max Walker, a Bowen Therapist from Perth with his own unique gift of hands on healing.

His treatment technique was like no other I had experienced previously. By clearing blockages in my lymphatic system Max significantly reduced my chronic lower back and neck pain in one treatment session, with lasting results.

At that moment my path in life became crystal clear; I would become a Qualified Bowen Therapy Practitioner and graciously accept Max’s offer of private tuition.

My Counselling and Body Work became a perfect marriage, enabling me to help others along their healing path both physically and emotionally. A major life event resulting in ongoing pain and discomfort, at times overwhelming adversity and psychological torment, had become a blessing in disguise.

I share my story with you in joy. Remember, trust in the processes of life, for all your needs will be provided.

“A narrow path led to my life’s work”
“And yet there were many moments of joy along the way”
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  • Qualified Practitioner of Bowen Therapy / Fascial Kinetics
  • Bachelor of Science / Psychology Major

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